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Packaged Retainer Rates & The Benefits Of


Packaged rates consist of tasks that are bundled under one rate, and are paid ahead of the work being completed. Packaged rates can include a monthly or quarterly bundle of tasks. 

Clients often need reoccurring help for their businesses. With retainer packages, clients pay for a set number of retained hours on a month-to-month basis. Retainer packages are paid ahead of the work being completed. I monitor and report how each client’s time is “used” or spent throughout the month (excess time is not carried over from month to month).

Benefits of a retainer package – the client can utilize the assistant’s time as needed (within general contracted agreement, and within the hours that are prepaid). In other words, work completed can include a variety of tasks, such as, writing, or à la carte: administrative, social media, marketing, etc. Money saved, a larger retainer package costs the client less money tasks per task and hour per hour,  if the client pays for a larger package.  Best, but not least benefit, the client has an assistant when they need one—they aren’t scrambling to find a helping team member at any given time, a team member has already been designated to assist.

What does a multi-task package look like (with some bogus $’s)?

  • Proofreading/Editing/Upload 3 pre-written articles $60.00
  • 2 Blog posts written by assistant per month $50.00
  • 1 Newsletter written and published by assistant per month $50.00

        Total package rate per month = $160.00

Why can’t you simply quote a package rate to me without meeting with me? 

Pre-paid hours (needed by the client) vary for many reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • How much research the assistant completes for the client
  • Whether the assistant is writing original text, or rewriting text provided by the client
  • How much available content the client already has on site (for the assistant to work with)
  • Whether the assistant is creating original images or graphics. or if they are utilizing the client’s existing work

Packaged retainer hours/needs are determined after the client and I meet and discuss the client’s work needs and requirements. All rates are agreed to by both parties and written into a contract. Contracts can be short termed (as in a starter-package for 3 months), or up to a renewable year in length.

Tailored bundles are common, and I urge clients to share their unique business assistance needs with me!

To set up a no-charge or non-obligatory call, or to ask additional questions, contact me.