www.RelianceOutwourcing.com one month blog package

Blogs help businesses grow.

Not everyone is a writer, though. This is where our services come into fruition. We create blogs from scratch for small businesses, and if businesses prefer to write their own blogs, we are gifted and experienced at proofreading and editing (polishing) our client’s pre-written blogs.

Not only do we write and edit blogs, our blog packages include uploading your blog post to your blog platform. Once your blog is published, we also post the blog to a social media platform of your choice. Imagine the precious time and money that we save for you and your business!

Our One Month Blog Package includes:

  • 4 blog posts per month
  • 500-750 Word blogs
  • Topic and keywords of your choice
  • Limited research (the cost of our package increases if the research will be extensive)
  • Upload completed post to your blog platform and publish
  • Market blog via one social media post per blog
  • One graphic per post (either an image or graphic using your personal brand colors and font)

Our One Month Blog Package is premium, meaning, you will receive our professional touch (writing, design, and social media), but it comes with a 20% discount on the blog writing itself (compared to our once a month or single blog pricing).


Pricing for a full package consisting of 4 blogs per month + 1 graphic per blog + 1 social media post per blog:  $333.00***


Editing Pricing for 4 blogs a month (your pre-written blogs – we proofread, edit, and publish) package + 1 graphic per blog + 1 social media post per blog: $233.00


***Pricing is based on minimal research required to write the blogs. 

Additional services available

(billed via small ala carte fees) include services such as setting up a social media account for your business or other areas that you may need administrative assistance with in relation to your blog.

Are you interested in this package? It is available on a limited basis. We’ll supply the link via email for free discovery call or a video chat once we hear from you! The only thing we ask at this point is for you to click on the button below to subscribe to our mailing list (and no, we won’t spam you with a ton of email or newsletters).