Etch Learning Time Into Your Schedule break from social mediaI was miles away and seated at the event before I realized I had not brought my most important tools with me (wallet, cell phone, and log in information), and it was if my right was cut off. I had difficulty focusing because I knew what was missing! Picture me, a virtual assistant, who had no way to call or reach clients, and worse than that, they had no way of reaching me.

I obtained access to a laptop during the lunch break.Instead of checking into social media, or scrolling through my email, I watched YouTube videos. I decided to make the time count, so I made a small list of all of the things that I felt I needed to learn and I spent an hour watching instructional videos. Was it worth my time? My goodness, I cannot tell you the impact that it made!

Lesson learned – glue my purse and cell phone to me. Significant lesson learned – schedule time away from social media and email. Remember to take the time to clock out and utilize the resources that you have on hand and learn! I walked away from that hour with an entirely new prospective, along with a fresh set of action steps.

4 thoughts on “Etch Learning Time Into Your Schedule

    1. Mary Humphrey

      I love your aspect of learning, that it keeps us creative.

      I believe we tend to not find the time to do this, and we should allow it, even if it means clearing our plates of other things.

      Thank you for your comment, Sharon!


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