Category: Small Business Processes

Smart Goals and Word of the Year

I am not fond of New Year resolutions. I like goals, but only those that are smart goals, with my main focus set on goals that are accountable and measurable. Smart stands for: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound So, if I say I want to lose weight in 2019, that is not a smart goal. […]

No Distractions are Small

So, as I map out my to-do list for the day I also include time for interruptions. Of course, we wouldn’t be in business if we weren’t being interrupted at some point, right? But, what is the solution to staying on track when we’ve been pulled away? Again, I believe it is communication. I also believe it is collaboration—an agreement of sorts between client/contractor/employee, and this is an integral piece of a smooth-operating team, especially when remote team members are part of the picture.

Customer Service No-No’s and the Alternatives

Listen to your customers. Hear what they have to say. Do not assume you know what they are going to say. One small deed of good customer service goes a long way (to a better experience, and a better world in general). Your efforts in customer service are not just applied towards the dollars that you earn per hour, they apply to the world that you hold in the palm of your hand at that very moment. That, my dears, makes good customer service.

Systems are Key to Business Growth

The development of systems within a small business is key to growth. To succeed, people cannot depend upon memory alone. Most of us (entrepreneurs and employees alike) do not have enough time on our hands to stop and leisurely think each time a new project or problem lands on our desk. Systems are incredibly important […]