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Bookkeeper vs. Accountant

When hiring a bookkeeper, be very specific in the role that you want the bookkeeper to fill. Do not expect the bookkeeper to be an accountant. A bookkeeper is trained to know basic accounting and financial reporting, in fact, they often supply the financial reports to the accountant, however, a bookkeeper is not trained to fully advise how to set up an accounting system (even though some do, and I have), and they are not fully trained in filing tax returns (such as franchise, year end, and annual types of tax submissions).

A good bookeeper is more than…

A good bookkeeper is more than a data entry clerk. A bookkeeper’s role digs in far deeper than posting invoices and receiving cash payments. Full-charge bookkeepers are the day-to-day eyes that see into the status of a business’s financial accounts. The bookkeeper is primarily responsible for creating financial transactions and financial reports, and in most […]