About Mary Humphrey Reliance Outsourcing

My Vision

I love to make an impact on the world on a day to day basis through writing, I do that through communicating honestly, compassionately, transparently, concisely, accurately, and in any manner that supports people.

I believe each of us are uniquely given allegiances in life to add warmth to each others lives, to not cause stumbling blocks, nor deliberate hurt, and to do our jobs well.

This is why I enjoy and gravitate towards collaborating with female-owned small businesses, including life coaches, therapists, writers, speakers, consultants, and teachers. We share similar values and vision—we want to change the world, one class, one session, one article, one spoken or written word at a time.

My Story

Writing has been one of my go-to passions for most of my life. A person can learn much about themselves through journal writing! Plus, it is therapeutic! Putting my beginnings aside, I have also self-published a handful of books, as well as published pieces that are included in other author’s books. 

I enjoy writing, proofreading, editing, and assisting with re-writing of content. I love digging into research—learning about life and specific topics as I craft articles and writing pieces for myself and others. I find this aspect of my work fascinating! 

What I do as a writer’s assistant, time and time again, is help people get beyond obstacles that all of us experience: hurdles and obstacles, confusion, procrastination, disorganization, and lack of clarity.

I love WordPress. I own and have designed four blogs and two websites. I have written thousands of articles over a span of 10+ years. The topics are diverse (financial/credit, student loans, animal and goat care — not just my own, therapy, life coaching, Christianity, procedure manuals, eBooks: cosmetics, hair care, soap making, and more). A number of my blogs have reached #1 in topic-specific internet searches.

I also have 20+ years experience operating the “back office” of small businesses. This includes bookkeeping and general office management, which has given me well-rounded organizational and people skills.

Meet the Team (Me)

I am a one-woman business at this time. I adopted the role of Virtual Assistant in 2016 because of my innate need to help others, as well as my entrepreneurial spirit that is only fulfilled when working from my own office! 

I focused in and recreated my product offerings in late 2018, as many of us need to do in our ever-changing world. I narrowed things down to writing and WordPress to fit my passions and my gifts as I realized that’s both what I really want to do in life and who I want to serve (life coaches, therapists, writers, speakers, and teachers).

For fun and well-being, I dabble in photography (nature scenes), day trips to the beach and nature trails, and aromatherapy. 

Mary Humphrey

Founder and CEO