Our Vision

To be a remote partner to small businesses. To assist with business needs that the client either does not want to do, cannot find the time to do, or does not know how to do. Our vision is to efficiently help the client grow their business, without them having to complete the everyday functions inside of their own business. Our skills and expertise is what makes that happen.

Our Story

We have 20+ years experience operating the “back office” of small businesses. This includes bookkeeping and general office management. We also have writing experience with our own books published, as well as work that is published in other author’s publications. We enjoy proofreading and editing, and assisting with re-writing of content. Social media is also one of our plus’s—experienced as a WordPress blogger (numbers are over 1,000 published posts), with posts that have reached the very top of the page in internet searches.


Meet the Team

We are a one-woman business at this time. I became a Virtual Assistant because of my innate need to help others, as well as my entrepreneur spirit that is only fulfilled when working from my own office!


Mary Humphrey

Founder and CEO